The management of your organization’s website is done for you, including posting your articles, changing the content, and ensuring the optimal and secure functioning of the site.

Benefits of Website Management

When we professionally manage your site

Your customers will see accurate and updated information about your business, making it easy for them to find what they need and contact you. For other changes, all you do is submit your requests to us. Your website will also load faster and be more secure.

Common Requests

  • Posting company news
  • Changes to staff profiles
  • Adding additional features

For managers who are tasked with finding solutions

In many organizations, trying to manage the website in-house isn’t efficient. The technical knowledge required make it impractical to manage among non-dedicated roles, and staff turnover compounds the problem. It isn’t your job to do this work, but with us you can take all the credit for getting it done. : )

Reach out and ask us about your specific issues.

Problems Solved

Outdated and Inaccurate Information

Wrong hours, phone numbers, addresses, products and services provided – this is misinformation about your business which should not be allowed to continue. Make it easy for your customers and vendors to do business with you by providing reliable information. We have a long-term solution for keeping your information updated on your website. We do it for you on a regular schedule.

Poorly Functioning Website

Loss of customers and opportunity cost can result when a business’s website doesn’t operate as it should. Website visitors have very little patience waiting for a page to load, clicking broken links, and other errors. They become frustrated, lose confidence in the organization and move on to the next company whose website easily displays the information they seek. Missing out on new customers and losing existing customers are a hefty price to pay for neglecting the website. The hosting and maintenance included in our packages is the solution.

Security Risks

If your website has been unattended to for more than 2 months, you should act soon.

Outdated website software and unmonitored hosting greatly increase the probability of the site becoming infected. Malware on a website often displays unexpected information on the website and in search results. Other types can spread from websites to computers and business computer networks. Once that happens it may be a while before you are made aware. It can be damaging to your company’s reputation and internal security. Our hosting and management greatly reduces the likelihood of malware infecting your website. We and our technology providers follow best practices in managing security and confidentiality. Interacting with your site frequently allows us to monitor and improve how it functions. We automatically apply the latest software updates and virus scans. We perform frequent automated back-ups. In the unlikely event that anything gets through, response and clean-up are included. 

Includes Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting and Maintenance are included

Website management includes Premium Hosting on our cloud server. This isn’t required if you prefer to remain at your current host, but it allows us to use the tools and systems we have chosen for optimal performance.


  • Website software updates are carefully applied to manage any errors they may trigger.
  • Website Security – security settings are optimized to keep your site secure.
  • Monitoring – we handle all system status notifications.
  • Incident Response – we take appropriate actions in the event of security or site operational issues.
  • Speed & functionality – continual optimization.
  • Weekly Backups are made to keep a safe copy.
  • Monthly Search Engine Analytics Reports will be provided if your site has been connected.

Additional service beyond what is included in any of the plans listed can be quoted.

Get Covered by Management Plans

With a monthly plan, we’re just an email away to post your content and make other website changes.

Request Pricing and sign-up links.

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Website Management Plans


Based on the type and frequency of website changes you need, we can find a management plan that fits the need.