Sitemap Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Sitemap?

    A sitemap is an index of all of the pages, posts, and other content on a website with links. It is provided as a directory for website visitors to quickly find links to all of the areas the website which are made public. 

    Sitemaps were initially developed with the website visitor in mind. The sitemap has become more important to search engine crawlers like Googlebot. The crawlers rely on them in the process of discovering and indexing web content to provide in search results, filtered by the relatedness of keywords searched on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

  • How do website visitors use sitemaps?

    Website visitors use sitemaps to see an overview of all of the pages and posts available on a website for their perusal. They may have opened the sitemap page to look for something specific, or just to browse it out of curiosity.

  • Does every website need a sitemap?

    Every website which intends to be found via search absolutely needs a sitemap. This page is an HTML sitemap. Search engines require sitemaps to be in XML format. We are providing both versions, as the HTML sitemap is useful to human website visitors and supplementally helpful to search engines.