About Studio City Web


Studio City Web is an independent contractor providing a wide range of website services, including website creation, website maintenance, domain name DNS changes, content editing, website performance and SEO optimization, and website troubleshooting.

We have expertise in WordPress themes, plugins, and pagebuilders such as Elementor, Oxygen, Divi, and also work within HTML, CSS, and PHP code to fix and customize design and functionality.  We work in collaboration with clients’ existing teams and vendors, or independently if no team is available.

For Whom

Studio City Web provides services to businesses and non-profit organizations everywhere who need help maintaining their websites and communications.

We have provided these services within the industries of: Law, Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Mental Health, Government, Non-Profit. We have minor experience in Woocommerce and Shopify, but these platforms are within our range of capabilities.


We do this with a personalized approach to client service; We are not an agency or firm with changing representatives handling the account.

We are easy to reach and respond consistently. With our services, our clients are relieved to know that their website and communications issues are being managed through an ongoing maintenance plan, or an on-call basis by someone they know.


We are located in Stockton California, and work virtually. For local clients, we attend on-site meetings when needed. For all clients, we are available by Zoom, phone, and email.


Babz D.Studio City Web

Within the decades of experience owning and operating small businesses ranging from retail, wholesale, music production and distribution, international apparel manufacturing, real estate, to website development and marketing, Babz has practiced the instinctive ritual of providing niche products and services with a smile and letting the world know about them.

Throughout her entrepreneurial and educational journeys, she acquired a deep understanding of business management processes, along with website creation and marketing skills.

These skills are continually updated and refined through utilization and education.

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