Studio City Web

is an independent contractor, providing website maintenance services, including content management and creation of  CMS websites, with specialization in WordPress.

We work with businesses and organizations who need help with their websites and communications, on an individualized basis. We have provided these services within the industries of: Law, Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Mental Health, Government, Non-Profit.

We are not an agency or firm with multiple representatives handling the same account. We are located in Temecula California, and for the most part, work offsite with occasional meetings. Read our blog to learn more.

Babz D.Babz

Within the decades of personal experience owning and operating small businesses from retail, wholesale, music production, record company, international apparel manufacturing, real estate, to website development and marketing, Babz has practiced the instinctive ritual of providing niche products and services with a smile and letting the world know about them. Throughout her entrepreneurial and educational journeys, she acquired a deep understanding of business management processes, along with website creation and marketing skills. The intuitive drive to “get the word out” fueled the necessity to learn on her feet, aided by a curiosity for tinkering in the digital realm. These skills are continually updated and refined through utilization and education.