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Welcome to the website maintenance blog from Studio City Web! Here you can read about why it is important to keep a website maintained and content updated. We will also write about topics related to the services we provide, such as websites, content management systems, social media, marketing and more.

The Trouble With Modern Day Websites

The Trouble With Modern-Day Websites

The websites of today are much more complex, because so much more is demanded of them. The days of build it and forget it of prior decades are long gone. So many capabilities which weren't around fifteen years ago are quite common and even expected on the most basic of websites. From live chat windows, to embedded tweets, to shopping carts, and real-time news tickers, modern-day websites have come along way from the days when just having a static, unchanging website was enough. Such dynamic capabilities demand upkeep, which is the trouble with modern-day websites, but also an even larger benefit.
website content management

Website Content Management

Active organizations whose website content management is humming along efficiently are providing useful information to their followers, raising their public profile and gaining loyalty. Timely announcements of upcoming events give followers adequate notice, and articles are relevant to follower's interests. Images and videos are edited properly, and fit well within the page. Links to the website content are also being shared on social media, thereby expanding the audience and reminding existing followers.

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