Website Content Management

By providing the public with a central location to find a steady stream of your organization’s information,  the reliable process builds trust.

website content management

Active organizations whose website content management is humming along efficiently are providing useful information to their followers, raising their public profile and gaining loyalty.

Timely announcements of upcoming events give followers adequate notice, and articles are relevant to follower’s interests. Images and videos are edited properly, and fit well within the page. Links to the website content are also being shared on social media, thereby expanding the audience and reminding existing followers.

Some organizations have dedicated professionals working full-time on communications, website content management and site administration. For those who do not, these very important tasks are often left to staff within an organization whose knowledge and time are mostly dedicated to other areas.

This juggling and sharing of duties can be a burden and a distraction from matters within their area of expertise. Utilizing a professional who specializes in websites, communications and marketing would allow each professional to focus on what he/she does best, with the best possible outcome.

Depending on the priorities and resources of the organization, the solution we offer is this: A dedicated content manager/website administrator can be used on an hourly or monthly basis, from a few hours up to any amount which equals less than hiring such a qualified professional on as a fulltime employee with benefits.

We edit, optimize, format and publish content provided by you. We include images or other media, which often involves preparing those files as well. We can also make technical changes to the website in a combination package. Our prices for these services range from $50 per hour to value packages of $1000 per week, or more.  Compared to what such a salaried employee would require, this arrangement can be an enormous savings, if the needs are for less than a “fulltime employee”.

The timeliness, accuracy and method of information publication are important to maintaining credibility. Busy staff within organizations are faced with numerous communications platforms, and are sometimes tempted to post news to whichever network he/she can easily log onto and quickly get the news dispersed. However, by prioritizing a social media outlet ahead of the company website, inconsistencies can occur. It is important to recognize the website as the company’s primary repository for accurate information, created and controlled by the company, not by a “free” social network.

Communicating to the public about changes of hours or location, milestones, special events, and new products and services should be done as soon as possible and to the widest audience possible. If organizations conveniently rely more on social media tools as a platform for posting new announcements, only a very small portion of the client population will be informed. Such a niche approach to distributing important news can result in public disappointment at missing out on important information and happenings.

The best practice is to publish company news, information, documents and media first on an organization’s own websites, using email and social media as tools to redistribute it and to engage with potential clients. This can also be done simultaneously, by publishing via social media apps with the feed embedded directly on the website. By providing the public one collective location to find a steady stream of information, the organized and reliable practice builds trust.

Website Content Management is a popular service we offer on an ongoing basis.

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Website Content Management